Why We Moved To Solar – Perfect timing

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More and more states are transitioning to solar energy from fossil fuel energy sources. In America, some states are popularizing solar through existing laws that are about the execution of solar rebates. In addition to the federal ITC, many states, counties, municipalities and utilities offer rebates or other incentives for solar energy technologies. Your installer will provide the most up-to-date information on solar incentives. The Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency (DSIRE) has a complete list of residential or commercial solar incentives by state. They also have more information and maps that show solar policies across the U.S.

The Top 2 States of America for Solar Energy are California and Arizona. Due to the geological location of both states, wide ranges of land, and plenty of intense sunlight give way to the booming of the solar energy industry. In New Jersey, 4th place in the top 10 solar states, our company exists to share with you the benefits of solar energy for your home, your business or passion alike. New Jersey Solar power can offer you the best Solar panels that can replace your old energy system with a sustainable alternative. With Solar energy, you can greatly benefit not only your business but also the environment.

This New Jersey owned Company offers free services to examine and recommend the optimal way to install solar energy technology to your business. We can professionally give you the stats for a solar energy system based on structural analysis and architectural conduciveness. Aside from financial gains, adding solar energy systems will reap you the following benefits:

  • Corporate energy goals are easily achievable thanks to solar energy. The sun is a magnificent source of energy that can power a variety of our modern technology. Essential things like water circulation, air ventilation and electricity can be managed with solar energy.
  • You can significantly reduce monetary costs by not depending too much on external energy generators. In large quantities of electric consumption, buying from other companies can cost more.
  • Investing in solar energy will certainly give you a positive ROI. Initial costs of solar energy systems can be challenging, but due to its low maintenance cost, and high durability, there is only one way for solar energy to go and that is up!
  • Significantly reduce energy expenses. Reducing your dependence on conventional electricity will help you prevent rising energy costs.
  • See the ROI increase. Since most solar power systems are maintenance free and known to last over 40 years, you will see a return on your investment for generations.
  • With solar energy systems, you are greatly contributing to the preservation and improvement of our environment’s state. It conserves energy, money and time not only for your own business but also your entire neighborhood and the surrounding community.

Renewable Energy Lifecycle Management

NJSP makes renewable energy more affordable and accessible to the communities. We utilize our set of software tools to assess energy production by using our proprietary integrated software platform. As the best Solar Company in NJ, we can offer you with high-quality Solar panels which we will install for you. Installation is specifically designed for your area by our professional builders. We are the only NJ-based solar company that gives insight from our extensive technology software system to be a basis of your solar project: schematic modeling, management and monitoring software with energy efficiency assessment software to powerful analytical tools. The installation of a Solar System on your location can add to the value of your property. You are signing up for your property to transition from a cost center into a profit center. To find out more about NJ Solar Power LLC, visit our project gallery at njsolarpower.com/project-gallery/.